January 3rd

BestBall, Rotisserie, & Contest Leagues Conclude

January 9th

Final FFIC Standings Official

May 1st

Keeper Designation Deadline

June 1st

Entry Fees Due

June 19th

League Draw

July 3rd

Draft Order & Divisions Draw

July 24th

Start of Email Drafts

July 26th

Draft Day 1

August 1st

Draft Day 2

August 6th

NFL Hall of Fame Game

August 13th

Start of NFL Preseason Week 1

September 10th

NFL Season Start

October 28th

Survivor/Guillotine Trade Deadline

November 12th

Standard In-Season Trade Deadline

November 19th

Start of Survivor/Guillotine Final Week

December 3rd

End of Standard Regular Season

Dynasty Trade Deadline

December 10th

Start of Standard Round 1 Playoffs

December 17th

Start of Standard Round 2 Playoffs

December 25th

Start of Championship Games

Terminator Final Week

December 29th

Dynasty Free Agent Lock

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