• Dave Fiorella

The Journey Begins

The inaugural season of the Fantasy Football Ironman Competition is here!

Originally Posted February 19, 2019

So what is the Fantasy Football Ironman Competition?

In the world of athletics the Ironman Competition is a marathon comprised of long-distance races in swimming, biking, and running that test the physical ability of the participants. In a similar way the Fantasy Football Ironman Competition (FFIC) looks to test the ability of fantasy football players as they compete against one another in a variety of different types of fantasy football leagues.

The FFIC uses a rotating pool of 19 different types of leagues in order to test the overall knowledge of participants. The league pool is broken into four general groups according to complexity levels. Each season, 12 of the 19 leagues will be selected at random for players to participate in.

Each of the 12 leagues is set up so that a final standings list will be generated. The placements earned by each participant will be added together in order to determine the overall winner of the FFIC. The participant with the lowest overall placement will be the winner with the highest overall placement earning last place (the lowest possible overall score would be 12, with the highest possible score being 144).

To learn more about the FFIC tour through our website. You’ll find our standard scoring systems on the General Rules page and detailed information about each of the 19 leagues on the League Primer page. Feel free to direct any additional questions to us through our Contact page or find us on Twitter!


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