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New Year, New Look

Despite the success of the first year of the FFIC, I knew that there were going to be some things that needed to be changed. It's one thing to come up with an idea this crazy, but when it's executed you start to learn things that you never anticipated. The first thing I wanted to address was an aspect of the competition that likely bothered me and no one else... the FFIC website!

While the original website provided all the basic information that was needed to run the FFIC, I wanted to get more out of it and the simplicity of the design really bothered me. So, I took some time to completely rebuild the website into what you see now. Now you'll find information related to other fantasy projects I've been working on as well as a more modern design for providing people with the information necessary to participate in the FFIC. At the time of writing this there is still some work that needs to be done in order to make it pretty when viewing on mobile so bear with me on that one for a little bit.

Despite the FFIC requiring long-term participation, there were so many changes that I knew I was going to make for the second year that I decided it was necessary to do a full restart of the competition. These changes were implemented in hopes of increasing activity of Managers and make life easier for participants. For those who participated in the FFIC during the initial year or were interested, but didn't get a spot, I made a summary of the changes I've made since that initial version of the league:

Entry Fee:

· Entry no longer simply covers the MFL fee, buy-in is now $100 ($95 to Payout, $5 to MFL fee).

· Instead of paying for all of year 2 at the start, participants only pay 50% of year 2.


· Instead of just paying out the top-3, there’s many ways you can win money.

o Money is paid out for 1st – 11th place in all twelve leagues.

o Additional payout is made to the top-3 in the overall standings.

o Prize awarded to the person with the highest overall winning percentage.

o Prize awarded to the person with the best efficiency score (started vs. optimal) in the Dynasty League.


· Any league draft with 20 or more rounds will be conducted as an email draft.

· Sleeper is now the primary platform for leagues.

o As many as possible have been moved to this platform in order to facilitate the ability to move draft start times and make it easier to see all leagues in one place.

· The pick timer for BestBall has been increased to 1 minute.


· Return yardage scoring has been changed to 30 yards/point.

· Scoring has been reworded a bit to try and make it more clear how scoring is applied to each league.

o Standard set of rules for Offense, Kicker, D/ST, and IDP as listed under “FFIC Standard Scoring” and then modifications to that are noted on each page of the “League Primers” section.


· Trades will now be processed using Commissioner approval.

League Pool:

· Created a new tier for leagues that require the use of MFL in order to limit the annual fee.

· Removed

o Mid-Year Redraft


o College

o Bizzaro

· Moved

o Slam’s World has been modified to be redraft and moved to the MFL tier.

o Rotisserie has been moved to the Yellow Tier.

· Added

o Contest League – Rosters aren’t used, instead players can be started up to 4 times annually.

o Terminator – BestBall style league where a player is dropped each week.

o 1v11 – Instead of playing a single head-to-head match each week you play all 11 other teams.

o Tiered PPR – Points for receptions are tiered to reward more points for a longer catch.

o OmegaFlex – All starting positions are flex spots.

o IDP Only – No offensive players are used.


· Roster size reduced from 18 to 16.

· Modified the Keeper designations to the following:

o Cannot keep first round picks since they will require a pick earlier then round 1.

o Players acquired in trades will be subject to where they were originally drafted.

o No free agent acquisitions may be kept.


· League will now be run on Sleeper.

· No longer includes IDP players.

· Roster size reduced from 30 to 26; Rookie Draft reduced from 6 rounds to 4.

· IR roster spots reduced from 3 to 1.

· Scoring increased from ½ point to full point PPR.

· Weekly waivers are now processed using free agent bidding.

· Rookie Draft order simplified to no longer use a draft lottery.

· Dispersal Draft will be implemented if there are multiple abandoned teams.

Slam’s World:

· Modified to now be a redraft league.

· Roster size reduced from 40 to 32.

· Added 2 IR roster spots.

· Free Agent budget increased from $50 to $75.


· Removed PPR scoring.

Traditional IDP:

· Scoring increased from ½ point to full point PPR.


· League will now be run on Sleeper.


· Removed PPR scoring.


· League will now be run on Sleeper.

· Now conducted as an Email draft.


· Roster size reduced from 16 to 15.

TD Only:

· TD only scoring is now limited to just offensive players; D/ST will now use the standard D/ST scoring without the Return Yardage and Yards Allowed points categories.

· Increased the bench size from 8 to 9.


· League will now be run on Flea Flicker.

· Kicker scoring changed from “Total Kicker Points” to “Field Goals Made”.


· League will now be run on Sleeper.

· Increased bench size from 0 to 2.

If you have any interest in joining up for the 2020 season feel free to reach out to me before I start actively recruiting!

Twitter: @FFIronman or @DaveFiorella



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