• Dave Fiorella

FFIC 2020 Schedule

With the release of the schedule for the 2020 NFL season we can now see what this year's FFIC schedule will look like! If you head over to the "Schedule" page you'll see the dates have all been updated to reflect the current season.

For our returning members there are a couple small adjustments that I made. The most important of these was moving the original Keeper Designation deadline which was previously set up for the end of March. This required people to decide keepers before the NFL draft and was put in place as a way to spread out the offseason actions, but I decided it was more important to focus on how that date impacts that league. So now the date will be set to happen annually on May 1st. This will allow people to better react to how the NFL draft impacts their team.

Draft dates will follow the same basic format from last year where we will announce leagues a few weeks prior to the drafts in order to allow people time for planning their draft strategies. The email drafts will again start the Friday before the first draft day.

The list format isn't pretty at the top of the "Schedule" page, but if you're looking for an easy way to keep track of these dates there is a link to the FFIC google calendar at the bottom of the page!


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