Again? Really?

I know. It hasn't even been a full year, but I did in fact rebuild the website yet again...

What can I say? I have a problem. While Fantasy Football Ironman 2.0 was a vast improvement from the original version of the website, I still wasn't super thrilled. I learned a lot in the building of 2.0 with regards to things I could have done better with regards to simplifying some things (which really has become a theme as the 2020 season starts). By rebuilding yet again it allows me the opportunity to continue to push the design of the website forward.

Also, after some debate, I have decided to switch the focus of the website a bit. The previous design structure put the FFIC front and center (as it should be), but took all of the other projects that I wanted to spend time on and smashed them together in an unappealing way. My hope is that version 3.0 of the website will continue to provide an ideal place for me to promote the FFIC and other leagues that I run, in addition to acting as a platform for me to put together other fantasy relevant information to help players step up their game.





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