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2021 StatBook is Here!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

As the redraft season gets underway the 2021 Fantasy StatBook is finally here! For those who are not familiar with the Fantasy StatBook, this was a project that I put together starting last year to share information for all (and I do mean all!) rostered NFL players that I find to be relevant when evaluating fantasy relevance.

While everyone and their cousin provides fantasy rankings these days, you'll usually find most are limited lists that may or may not be relevant to every position you need for your upcoming draft. On top of that, using these rankings doesn't help you learn anything beyond what that person is telling you to do and you're usually paying for the privilege of following their lead. With the Fantasy StatBook you're provided with all players, with all positions covered, and you're given the tools to make better evaluations between similar players FOR FREE!

The Fantasy StatBook is customizable to your league - you can enter your full league settings and it'll update all projections and calculations accordingly. Once your league settings are entered you can check out player lists broken out by each position (using a combined system for DL and DB) and even track your draft using the draft trackers (player tabs will even update as players get drafted).

For those who checked out the inaugural year of the Fantasy StatBook you'll find a few new features:

  • New league settings categories including TE specific first down scoring, pass incompletions, pass completions, and sacks taken by a QB.

  • A simple draft board that also interacts with the positions tabs, as an additional way to track your draft.

  • New stat categories including 10+ yard runs (RB), Open Field Yards (RB), and Week 1 Opponents (DST).

  • ADP range has been expanded to better relate to different league types and simplified numbering. (ex: 1 = first pick, 18 = eighteenth pick, etc.)

This year's StatBook users can also expect weekly ADP/ECR updates and updates to my projections at least once a month. To check out the Fantasy StatBook you can click here!

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