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2021 Rules Change List

The following rules changes will be applied for the 2021/2022 season....


  • Competition payouts have been rebalanced to increase the share of the prize pool that is distributed to top teams.

  • Per league payout has been adjusted to 1st – 9th place and now pays $8 - $1 for places 2 – 9 (decreasing by $1 at each placement) while 1st still pays out $10.

  • Overall 1st place payout has increased from $250 to $335.

  • Overall 2nd place payout has increased from $150 to 200.

  • Overall 3rd place payout has decreased from $80 to $50.

  • This rebalancing leaves a remaining $3 which will be allocated to the Dynasty Bonus Pool.

  • The Dynasty Bonus Pool will now be paid out to the winner of the Dynasty league.


  • Dynasty Rookie Draft order will now be adjusted so that the 4th place team drafts at Pick 9. Picks 1 through 8 will still be assigned based on potential points. (Starting with the 2022 Rookie Draft)

  • The roster size requirement for a league to be drafted via Email Draft will be lowered to 18 or larger.

Player Scoring:

  • Kickers will no longer receive negative points for missing FGs from 50+ yards.

Overall Standings:

  • If a tie should occur in Overall Standings, it will be broken based on the following criteria…

  • Most individual leagues won

  • Best combined win/loss record across all leagues

  • Highest total points scored across all leagues


  • The following league types will now end in Week 16 (formerly Week 17) …

  • Contest

  • BestBall

  • Rotisserie

  • While it is believed that the NFL will increase the number of regular season games this season it is not yet confirmed. Regardless of the decision made by the NFL, all leagues will continue as if there were only 17 weeks. If the number of games is increased this will likely change starting in the 2022 season.

League Pool:


  • None


  • The Red and Yellow tiers have now been combined into the Variety tier.


  • DFS StyleA fantasy league meant to mirror DFS contests.

  • Choose Your Own – A fantasy league where Managers assemble teams by choosing players from an ADP draft board.

  • Team Positions – Managers draft positional players for an entire NFL team.

  • TE PremiumStarting rosters include two TE spots and additional points are rewarded for TE PPR.

  • Full StartA fantasy league that uses a larger starting roster and no bench spots.

  • TBDAn additional Variety tier league will be added.

  • With the readjustment of league selection tiers, we will now use the following combination to build the annual league selection list:

  • 2 Long-Term Tier Selections

  • 2 MFL Tier Selections

  • 4 Standard Tier Selections

  • 4 Variety Tier Selections

All Leagues:

  • The additional IR roster spots that were added due to COVID will now become a permanent increase.

Standard Tier Leagues:

  • All Standard tier leagues that are run on the Sleeper platform will now use double header matchmaking.


  • Divisions will be removed.

Traditional IDP:

  • Roster size will be increased from 27 to 29.


  • The “Turnover” scoring category has been replaced with “Completion Percentage”.

  • The “Rushing Attempt” scoring category will now be replaced with “Rushing First Down”.


  • TE bonus of +0.5 PPR will now be applied.


  • Weekly transactions will now be completed using free agent bidding.

  • Players that are assigned multiple positional roles can now only be swapped with players in the role they have been started in. For example, if Player A is classified as (WR, RB) by Sleeper and they are started in a RB starting position they can only be exchanged with an opponent’s RBs.

  • Managers can no longer swap a player with an injury designation.

  • Managers missing the deadline for player swaps will now be forced to exchange their lowest scoring player with their opponent’s equivalent at the position. Managers who consciously choose to not swap players will now be required to state this intention before the weekly deadline.

  • The flex position will now be used as a permanent protection. Players started in the flex position cannot be exchanged.

Updates will be made in the upcoming week to the website and rules document to reflect these changes.

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