• Dave Fiorella

2021 Offseason Draft

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Over this past weekend the FFIC wrapped up it's first Offseason Draft! Although this is the third year for the competition we decided to do a full redraft on the Dynasty League for the 2020 season, which made this the first year with an actual league continuation.

The FFIC Offseason draft consists of four, non-snaking rounds where participants can choose to draft either incoming NFL rookies or any veteran players that are currently on free agency. While this usually results in few to no veteran players being drafted we did have one of our new participants decided it was a great opportunity to get in on some of that Tebow-Mania!

There was plenty of trade excitement as well with four big trades going down. Overall this presented a great opportunity for participants new and old to shake off the rust and get prepared for the drafting of our remaining leagues at the beginning of August.

This does however, start the FFIC slow season once again as we eagerly await the months to pass so we can get back to drafting, but there are still a few notable upcoming dates!

Next Friday will mark the first such occassion as we will do the FFIC league draw and find out what leagues participants can look forward to playing in for the upcoming season. Shortly after that is the Keeper Designation Deadline and finally the Draft Order/Divisions draws!

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