• Dave Fiorella

2021 League Selections

The selections are in! During this past offseason we rearranged our league tiers so that we could provide our participants with greater variety and entertainment. This resulted in the increase in leagues for our MFL Tier and the combination of what used to be the Yellow and Red Tiers into a new Variety Tier. With the new system we had to select two formats from our MFL Tier as well as four for each of the remaining redraft tiers.

With this being our first continuous year, thanks to our decision to fully restart after year one, the selections for the Standard and Variety tiers were basically decided for us based on last year's selections. With the eliminations in place we were left with SuperFlex, Tiered PPR, TE Premium, and Full Start from our Standard Tier and Survivor, Rotisserie, Vampire, and IDP Only from our Variety Tier.

This left just one tier selection left for us to make. The only elimination from last year was Contest League so the remaining five possibilities got to fight it out on the 100YardRush field. The first two to make it off the field were the DFS Style and Team Positions leagues.

If you want to check out the video proof for this year's league selection you can find it here.

Next up on the FFIC calendar is the Keeper Deadline on July 1st where participants will need to make decisions on which players from last year they'll hold onto, followed by our next selection process which will be our draft position and divisions. This one will be much more interesting (complex?) and will take place on July 9th. We'll be streaming that as well so people can get that peak behind the curtain and be content that there's no funny business going on!

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