2020 Fantasy StatBook is Here!

After 5-6 months of hard work I have finally finished the 2020 Fantasy StatBook!

You can find the link to the 2020 Fantasy StatBook under "Other Projects" > "2020 StatBook" on the website's menu bar. After making a copy of the document you'll be able to enter all of your league's settings and the StatBook will update accordingly.

After all the information is loaded you can browse players by position and research them based on the available statistics. Each position group is ordered and tiered based on ECR (expert consensus rating).

If you're using the StatBook during a draft you'll be able to use the "Draft" tab to track picks and team compositions.

There is an F.A.Q. tab where you might find answers to any questions you have about the information and an explanation for all abbreviations and note symbols is provided as well.

I'm excited to finally have this done and happy to share it with everyone! If you encounter any issues while using the document or think there's an issue with some of the information feel free to hit me up!





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