Offenses & Orphans

For better or worse, the backbone of any long-term league is the commitment of its players. As the Commissioner it is up to me to do what is best for the league as it relates to Orphaned teams or other offenses and act in a way that I deem necessary in the best interest of the competition. Whenever a ruling must be made it will be done with consideration into the intent and spirit of the rules, the fairness to the participants, and the integrity of the FFIC. All decisions will be final and cannot be contested. I am not responsible for any problem or technical malfunction which impedes or interferes with the transmission or receipt of any team action, including but not limited to free agency and starting lineups. It is strongly recommended that participants double check their technology prior to drafts as well as their teams and transactions during the season. No interventions will be made to alter a transaction after it has been completed unless the Commissioner is immediately notified of the error (time stamps will be compared). While many sections of this website attempt to provide a comprehensive summary of all the rules of the FFIC, it is highly recommended that participants take the time to read through the full rules set as provided at the top of the 'Full Rules' page. Participants will find information on The Role of the Commissioner and Inactive Members on this page.

The Role of the Commissioner

The functions of the Commissioner include:

  1. To serve as the Chief Administrator, Dispute Mediator, and Financial Officer for all leagues.

  2. To act with consideration into the intent and spirit of the rules, the fairness to participating members, and the integrity of the FFIC.

  3. To coordinate league events and complete any required administrative tasks relating to the general operation of the FFIC during all periods of time.

  4. To investigate, either upon complaint or upon the Commissioner's own initiative, any act, alleged or suspected not to be in the best interest of the competition.

    • The Commissioner has the authority to request participants to respond to requests and upon refusal or failure to comply, to impose such penalties as noted below.

  5. To determine what preventative, remedial, and/or punitive actions are appropriate.

  6. To record all amendments to the FFIC immediately upon their instatement and inform all participants of any changes.

  7. Actively work to fill all league vacancies.

In the case of conduct determined by the Commissioner not to be in the best interest of the FFIC, actions may be taken against participants that may include any of the following:

  1. A formal warning.

  2. A reprimand.

  3. A reversal, amendment to, or denial of a transaction.

  4. Suspension or banning of a participant from the FFIC or from future competitions.

  5. Forfeit of potential winnings.

  6. Such other actions as deemed appropriate by the Commissioner.

Decisions of the Commissioner that include penalties must be provided with formal notice via email. All participants are solely responsible for keeping the Commissioner informed of their current contact information. All decisions by the Commissioner will be considered final and cannot be contested.

In the event that the Commissioner is unable or unwilling to continue his role then all entry fees (current and future) will be refunded.

Any rule changes will not be made during an active season unless deemed necessary due to Commissioner error or other significant event that will impact the league integrity. Managers will be notified of any upcoming rule changes prior to the entry fee due date; however, changes to scoring, starting lineup, and/or roster size are unlikely to happen.

Inactive Members

In the event that a participant decides to leave the league, or is removed for whatever reason, they will be classified as an "Inactive Member". While a participant's entry fees may be refunded, at the Commissioner's discretion, due to proper notification given to the Commissioner at least a week (7 days) prior to the start-up draft date, Inactive Members will usually be subject to the forfeiture of all entry fees. The Commissioner may assign an Inactive Member designation to a participant despite a buy-in having been paid as dues will be necessary to ensure that members who are actively participating are not negatively impacted.

Reasons why a participant may be assigned an inactive designation include, but are not limited to:

  1. Failure to actively participate in a draft without proper steps being taken for auto-drafting.

  2. Failure to submit a starting roster in two consecutive weeks.

  3. Failure to submit a starting roster three times during a season.

  4. Failure to meet set deadlines.

  5. Failure to keep contact information current or responding to attempts by the Commissioner to contact the individual.

  6. Failure to abide by the rules set forth in the full league rules document as can be found at the top of the 'Full Rules' page.

  7. Abuse of the waiver system.

  8. Causing issues within the FFIC in which other players feel seriously threatened or dissuaded from continuing due to a participant's actions. *

  9. Colluding with other owners in order to sabotage another owner through actions such as unfair trades or playing unreasonable starting lineups. *

  10. Dismissal requests made by all other participants in the FFIC. *

* All such instances will be subject to Commissioner review.

Managers may withdraw from the FFIC at any time between the commencement of the off-season and the following entry fee due date or before the start-up draft when at least a week's notice (7 days) is given to the Commissioner through formal notice, without facing penalty. Any participant withdrawing from the FFIC after the given periods of time will forfeit any and all buy-in funds.

All individuals who participate in the FFIC will be subject to the following rules:

  1. Participants may not control more than one team.

  2. Co-Managers are allowed; however, the Commissioner will not get involved in Co-Manager disputes.

    • While co-management of teams is allowed, co-ownership is not permitted for league buy-ins or payouts.

  3. Managers may not give or sell their team to another person.

    • If a participant decides to not return to the league their spot will be filled by the Commissioner and not the departing individual.

  4. Managers must adhere to all rules of the league as set forth on this website.

    • If it should occur that the rules listed on the FFIC website differ from those set forth in the full league rules document, then the full league rules document will be considered as the primary rule set.

All efforts will be made to address any vacancies before the league's Rookie Draft in order to ensure that all league activities can commence as scheduled, and to help ensure no further franchise abandonment. If league vacancies will impact the standard schedule the Commissioner will provide participants with ample notice as to any required schedule changes.

Although in-season abandonment is rare, the Commissioner will do his best in order to replace the owner within a week's time. In the instance that a replacement cannot be found immediately the Commissioner will not be allowed to complete team management processes for the abandoned team.

New owners can participate in all aspects of the FFIC and will be able to make any necessary decision regarding roster adjustments; however, a new owner will be unable to make any roster moves until the entry fee has been paid. In the instance where a spot in the FFIC is vacated after players are selected for the Keeper league, the new participant will be given the option to either use the previous participant's designated keepers or submit their own keeper designations from the full roster.

If multiple teams are deemed inactive, they will be subject to the Dispersal Draft rules as found on the 'Draft Details' page of this website or in the full rule set document.