While this website attempts to provide a complete summary of all rules for the FFIC it is recommended that all interested and current participants read the full rules details found here.


The FFIC is a competition set up to challenge fantasy football players who are looking for a setup beyond the traditional league types. Twelve participants compete in a random selection of twelve leagues using different approaches to the game of fantasy football. By the end of the NFL season, each participant will be ranked in each league and their placements will be totaled in order to determine an overall winner.

Specific rules information relating to the different league types and schedule for the FFIC can be found on the main navigation bar above; however, additional rules information can be found using the links below.


The FFIC offers a payout structure that includes prizes for placement in each league, potential bonus payouts, and overall placement in the competition. Click the link above for the full details regarding our cost of entry and current payout structure.

Drafts in the FFIC are structured to include both the excitement of live drafting as well as the time saving nature of slow, email drafts. The competition also avoids potential draft position advantages by assigning non-duplicating positions between all leagues. Click the link above for the full details regarding how drafting is handled.

Each league in the competition uses a basic general scoring system, which is modified as necessary to provide more specific scoring for each league type. Click the link above for the full details on how the base scoring system works.

Unfortunately, there may be the need for occasional Commissioner intervention. Click the link above for full information on how abandoned and inactive teams are handled as well as potential punishable actions can be found here.