Drafting Details

The time investment needed to complete 12 league drafts can seem daunting. To help mitigate this, all league that have a roster size of 20 or more players will be completed as slow, email drafts and the remaining live drafts will be broken up into two days.

Email Drafts:

Any league type that has a total roster size of 18 or more players will be drafted using a slow, email draft format. These drafts will start at 10am EST on the designated date (see the 'Schedule' page). Each pick will be subject to an 8-hour timer with an overnight suspension from 10pm EST until 7am EST. If a person times out twice during an email draft they will be set to auto-draft. The pick timer will be shortened as the start of the NFL season approaches using the following schedule:

  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 1 the timer will be reduced to 4 hours per pick.

  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 2 the timer will be reduced to 1 hour per pick.

  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 3 the timer will be reduced to 10 minutes per pick.

  • Starting at the kick-off of Preseason Week 4 the timer will be reduced to 5 minutes per pick. (Additional efforts may be made by the Commissioner in order to ensure drafts are completed before Week 1 regular season)

Dynasty Rookie Drafts:

After the initial season of the FFIC, the Dynasty league will complete a Rookie Draft that includes all rookies and free agents. The Dynasty Rookie Draft will be conducted as an email draft starting at 10:00 AM EST on June 1st. After the financial status of all 12 participants has been settled following the April 1st deadline the Commissioner will announce the start date for the annual Rookie Draft. Each pick will be subject to a 6-hour timer with an overnight suspension from 10pm EST to 7am EST. If a person times out twice during an email draft they will be set to auto-draft. The draft order for the Rookie Draft will use last year's standings to determine draft order using the following system...

  • Picks 1 through 8 will be decided by regular season potential points among teams that did not end in the top-4 in order of lowest to 8th lowest.

    • Potential points are the amount of points a team would have scored each week if they set an optimal lineup.

  • Pick 9 goes to the 4th place team.

  • Pick 10 goes to the 3rd place team.

  • Pick 11 goes to the 2nd place team.

  • Pick 12 goes to the league champion.

Dispersal Drafts:

A Dispersal Draft can only take place if there are multiple (two or more) teams that have been abandoned either by choice or by Commissioner action. A Google Doc will be created to show participants what player assets are available from participating teams. If a Dispersal Draft takes place, then returning participants will be given the option to participate as well. Returning Managers who take part in a Dispersal Draft will also have all players made available through the draft. Declaration for the Dispersal Draft must be sent to the Commissioner within 48-hours of the announcement that a Dispersal Draft will take place. The Dispersal Draft fee for returning members must be paid at least 24-hours prior to the Dispersal Draft start time in order to be eligible. Any returning participants that takes part in a Dispersal Draft will be unable to enter future Dispersal Drafts for two seasons (does not include the season following the initial Dispersal Draft). Dispersal Drafts will take place a week after the conclusion of live drafts (starting at 10am EST) and will have a 4-hour timer with an overnight stoppage from 10pm EST to 7am EST and will follow the same timer reductions that are assigned to email drafts.

Live Drafts:

Leagues with a draft that has a live designation will be broken into two days with the first group of drafts taking place on a Sunday and the remaining drafts taking place on the following Saturday. Live drafts will be subject to a 1 minute per pick timer (does not include Auction drafting which uses a shorter bidding timer instead). The times for these drafts will be provided as part of the league draw announcement (see the 'Schedule' page). No set order is given as there will be a need to balance timing between drafts with varied length.

Randomized draft orders will be given in an attempt to ensure that no participants will be drafting in the same slot in more than one league. For example, if Player A is randomly assigned Pick #1 in the Traditional League, that player will not receive Pick #1 in any other league that year. This is done in an attempt to avoid an advantage caused by gaining multiple picks in a particular draft spot. The only possible exception would be overlap caused by the Dynasty league, which uses placement in the previous year to set Rookie Draft order.

The ability to place participants into non-duplicating draft positions will require additional caveats in the instance where the Contest and/or Auction leagues are selected. In the Contest league participants do not draft their team and therefore there will be an instance where participants miss out on one of the twelve pick positions. For example, if Player A is assigned Pick #1 in the Contest League then they will not have a #1 pick at all that season which may lead to a perceived disadvantage. To help balance this occurrence, a draft order will still be randomly selected for the Contest league and will be used as the given draft order for the chosen MFL Tier league in the following season. Similarly, the order selected for the Auction league will be carried over to a non-Auction, Green Tier league the next season.

If a participant fails to make a player selection before the timer expires in a given draft, a selection will be made first using the participant's preset rankings and then using the given rankings for the website where the league is being drafted. The Commissioner reserves the right to force pick selection for an auto-drafting team if it is deemed necessary in order to maintain the integrity of a league. Such interventions will be made at the Commissioner's discretion, but will occur rarely. Participants are expected to take the time to properly set up auto-draft settings or be present for live drafts. Failure to do so may result in punishments as listed on the 'Offenses & Orphans' page.