Buy-in & Payout

All information relating to buy-in and prize structure is subject to changes as deemed necessary by the FFIC Commissioner; however, they will not be changed after the annual buy-in date. Participants will be given formal notice of any and all changes as they relate to buy-in and payouts. The current buy-in and payout structure for the FFIC is as follows...

Entry Fee: $100 Per Person (x 12 Participants)

Total Entry Pool: $1,200

MFL Tier League Fee: $60

Total Price Pool: $1,140

Per League Payout Structure (Total of $46 Per League x 12 Leagues = $552 Total)

1st - $10

2nd - $8

3rd - $7

4th - $6

5th - $5

6th - $4

7th - $3

8th - $2

9th - $1

10th - $0

11th - $0

12th - $0

Remaining Prize Pool After League Payouts: $588

Allocation of Remaining Prize Pool

Overall 1st Place - $335

Overall 2nd Place - $200

Overall 3rd Place - $50

Dynasty Bonus Pool - $3

Dynasty Bonus Pool

Any remaining money from the prize pool each season will be put into a bonus pool specific to the performance of teams in the Dynasty league. Also added to the Dynasty bonus pool will be the funds from teams that choose to partake in a Dispersal Draft as well as any extra funds due to a discounted price on the purchase of the MFL Tier league. The Dynasty pool will be paid out annually to the team the first place Dynasty team at the end of the season.

If it should occur that there are excess funds due to removal of any participant, the dispersal of those funds will be determined by the Commissioner. While feedback from active participants will be considered for the dispersal of these funds, the final decision will be made by the Commissioner.

The league entry is due annually by April 1st. No refunds will be issued once a Manager makes any moves (drafting, waivers, trades, etc.) with their teams.

Participants may be subject to a refund of their entry fee (applies only to entry fee and not pre-paid years) if...

  • the FFIC fails to find enough participants during start-up,

  • the FFIC disbands prior to the start of any season,

  • the Commissioner is unwilling or unable to continue the FFIC,

  • they take ownership of an Orphaned team and do not make any moves with their team,

  • they decide to withdraw from the FFIC prior to the league entry due date,

  • they decide to withdraw from the FFIC prior to the start-up draft and provided a week's notice (7 days),

  • or it has been otherwise determined by the Commissioner that they are refund eligible.

Trades Involving a First-Round Pick:

  • Participants trading away a first-round pick will be required to pay for the year in which that pick resides.

  • Participant abilities will be locked until payment has been made for the first-round pick that was traded.

  • If the FFIC disbands prior to the pre-paid year's draft, then the amounts will be refunded.

  • If a participant fails to pre-pay within 3 days of a first-round pick trade, they may be removed from the FFIC without being refunded and the trade may be subject to reversal.

    • Warnings will be issued before removal.

  • Once a pre-payment is made it will not be refunded if the participant decides to leave the league.

Dispersal Draft Fees:

If a Dispersal Draft should occur, returning members will be provided the option to participate (in accordance with the rules on the 'Drafting Details' page) for a $30 fee. Participants must pay all Dispersal Draft fees at least 24-hours prior to the given Dispersal Draft starting time in order to be eligible for participation. Any Dispersal Draft fees that are collected shall be evenly divided between payouts for the Dynasty Bonus Pool and the overall winners. For example, if one returning Manager participates in a Dispersal Draft then $15 will be added to the Dynasty Bonus Pool and the remaining $15 will be divided as payout to the top-3 overall FFIC winners.