The Ironman Project

There may be some who disagree, but my approach to fantasy football was always that a league is lost in the draft. Sure, you can make league winning trades and pick-ups during the season, but if you miss finding value in the draft you won't have those assets to trade. This led me to think about new ways to increase the importance of the draft in fantasy.

The obvious answer was to remove or restrict transactions, but for many that aspect of the game is half the fun. I started to contemplate the importance of different aspects of the draft, such as league settings and most of all pick position.


There are plenty of articles out there on the ideal spot to draft from or different approaches to drafting at the beginning/middle/end. So, I thought, what if there was a league where individuals drafted from each position? While it may not be possible in a single league, you could have the same group of individuals participate in multiple leagues. And why not take it further from there? What if each league was typed different to create an added level of challenge?


This was the beginning of what I would call the Fantasy Football Ironman Competition - a name that was only fitting since only the most intense fantasy fans would be attracted to this new format.

The idea of a fantasy Ironman took on new meaning to me, becoming an idea to emphasize both passion and ability. While some may find this description to be a bit dramatic, I think it encompasses what I hoped to get out of the game as a long time player who was looking for a new approach to the game.

What started as a simple exercise in draft importance would become what I consider to be the Ironman Project. It's an opportunity to challenge myself and keep the game of fantasy football interesting. The number one priority of this website will be for the operation and furthering of the Fantasy Football Ironman Competition; however, you're likely to also find information about other fantasy related projects I've taken on, my random thoughts on the sport, info on other web content, my annual StatBook, and other random fantasy information.

And you are......?


Dave aka The Commish

I'm just your average fantasy football addict. I was originally introduced to fantasy football back in '98 by a middle school friend. Little did I know that it would all be downhill from there! I've been running that home league (and keeping detailed records) since 2000, but my obsession goes well beyond just one home league.

I've been part-time with ProFootball Focus since 2017 and had the opportunity to compete in fantasy football against some of the sharpest minds there and in the infamous ScottFish Bowl. However, after many years of the traditional fantasy football scene I decided that just wasn't enough and started working out ideas for new, more interesting approaches to the game. I put together a Formations League (where teams draft and start players based on real world formations), relegation leagues, and eventually the FFIC.


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