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2022 StatBook Coming June 1st!

For most of my time playing fantasy football I've spent countless hours researching players and creating my own rankings. After getting involved with ProFootballFocus part-time, this took on a new level of complexity and I found myself inspired to attempt my own player projections.

Putting these together took more time than was expected and so I was determined that if I was going to put that much time into this then I would share it so others could get use from the information as well. This meant that a simple list of projections just wasn't going to cut it and wanted to create a full player StatBook.

While you can find a simple ranking set just about anywhere, I wanted to take it a step further and provide my fellow fantasy footballers with all the tools they need to make the decisions for themselves. Players are tiered based on their Expert Consensus Rankings (ECRs); however, this is simply a guideline to help drafters find relevant players easier.

Be sure to check the "Read Me" tab for information on how to navigate through how to use the workbook and please let me know if you encounter any errors along the way! Accuracy is much more important to me than pride.


Interested in a Value Based Drafting (VBD) approach? I've teamed up with the guys over at Important Nonsense to create an exclusive IN version that includes VBD and IN's own player projections!



Adjusts to Match Most Scoring Systems

The Fantasy StatBook allows users to input scoring settings that adjust player projections, previous points production, and more.

League Sizes:

  • Track up to 24 teams.

  • Usable for up to 40 rounds.


  • Accommodates a variety of different positional set-ups including many types of flex position.



Provides Important Information as You Draft

The built in draft tracker and draft board allow users to see relevant information to help them decide how to be use their picks.

team tracking:

  • See how many total players drafted by position.

  • Easily track positional needs and current roster.

points tiers:

  • Track available players for each position based on their projected points tiers.



Shows Critical Statistics for Players in Each Position

Each position has its own stats page that breaks down all players based on ECR and provides users a variety of important player statistics.


  • Includes general stats from the previous season.

  • Find fantasy specific information for each player.


  • As players are entered on the draft tracker they get crossed off on the stats pages.

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